Want to use Parquet Floor? Get to know the first plus-minus

Want to use parquet floors? Recognize the pluses and minuses first. Yes, besides ceramics and marble (granite tile), parquet material is also often used on the floor of the house.

Parquet is a wooden floor that is applied to the floor to enhance the aesthetics of the building, especially in the interior (interior) of the house.

“In addition to aesthetics, using parquet can also have a positive impact on the health of residents. “Parquet can reduce the influence of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in the room,” Amirullah told

The application of parquet can make the occupants healthy.

“VOC” is an organic compound that has a very high vapor pressure and is very volatile at room temperature and pressure. One compound such as methane and non-methane can endanger health that is carcinogenic and toxic.

Not only that, according to Amirullah, using parquet, besides looking clean, you will also feel comfortable to walk and sit on it. Interested in using parquet floors? Recognize the pluses and minuses first.

Parquet is divided into two types of parquet namely parquet made of solid wood and parquet made of laminated wood (synthesis). To be clearer, Amirullah will explain the advantages and disadvantages of parquet from the two materials:

  • Advantages of Parquet from Solid Wood

The parquet flooring with solid wood material has a better or attractive appearance because it is directly from the tree and for durability is better than other types of wood floors.

  • Lack of Parquet from Solid Wood

The disadvantage of solid wood parquet is that it is relatively prone to moisture because it can expand and shrink. The price of solid wood flooring is more expensive compared to other wooden floors.

Because parquet floors are made of solid wood, the amount is relatively less or limited and the price is relatively higher or expensive compared to parquet floors with synthetic or laminate wood. Parquet ornaments have a natural beauty

  • Advantages of Parquet from Laminated Wood

Parquet floors that come from synthetic or laminated wood have a good appearance because the top layer still uses a layer of wood (veneer). This makes it look like a solid wood floor. The price is also relatively cheaper than parquet floors that come from solid wood.

  • Lack of Parquet from Laminated Wood

Weaknesses of synthetic or laminated wood floors, durability is not as good as solid wood floors. Parquet from synthetic or laminated wood is also very prone to moisture. Because the strength is relatively below the quality of solid wood floors. So it’s only natural that parquet from synthetic or laminate wood is prone to termite attacks.



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