The application that Supports Architectural Visualization Design Activities

In this era, people want something that looks simple but real. This case is often related to architectural visualization, a stage of visualizing the design of a building so that it appears real.

architectural visualization

For those who want to work in 3D model services, it’s require an application so that the process of visualizing the model is easier. The application that you need if you are involved in visualization architecture, as follows.

ArchiCAD. This application can be used for BIM (Building Information Modeling), which was first developed in 1982. Furthermore, in 1987 this application was launched and became the best application for professional architectural visual workers. This Norwegian output program processes 2D and 3D objects so this application is known as CAD which can make 2D and 3D geometry. This application is quite reliable if you use it to design building structures and has now developed in Indonesia.

If you want, this ArchiCAD application can be obtained for free using an educational license: which still has a watermark. Even if you want to eliminate the watermark, then you have to buy the pro version with prices reaching millions of rupiah.

In the use of 3D visual simulation applications, the advantages and disadvantages are as follows.

  • Strengths
  • You can realize the form that would be quite difficult to do in the real world.
  • Through 3D visual applications, you can reconstruct real object shapes into visual forms in real-time. For example, is the spatial process, building design, and application to the entertainment industry.
  • In using 3D visual modeling applications you can simulate processes/events that have occurred. For example, the reconstruction of criminal acts recorded by CCTV.
  • Weaknesses
  • In the use of 3D visualization models, you must have a qualified device at a price that is not cheap.
  • For those of you who want to be in the world of 3D visual architecture, the model must have special capabilities, precisely the design of 3D objects.
  • The rendering process takes days to create architectural, animated, and 3D film designs, depending on the quality and size of the design.

So much information that we can convey about the election, also the advantages and disadvantages of using the application architectural visualization. It may be useful.

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