Knowing Sinus Infection’s Symptom that Are Different from Flu’s

The flu is a disease that can attack any ages but is not so dangerous, but the symptoms of it similar to sinus infection symptom which you need to be aware of. The symptoms of sinus infection are similar to the common cold. However, both of them have different symptoms so you can be more responsive when you begin to feel symptoms of sinus infection in your body. In addition, Flu is usually is contagious easily, Is a sinus infection contagious? Sinus infections can also be contagious if it causes by virus and attacks to weak immune system.

At a glance, sinus infection is indeed looked like flu. But you need to know, there are some conditions that can indicated you are infected with sinus. For more details, there are following will explanation you need to know about sinus infections symptom that are different from flu.

1. Painful Teeth

If you feel a pain in your teeth, you should ignore it. Because the pain in tooth could be a symptom of a sinus infection. The appearance of pain in the teeth is related to maxillary sinusitis due to upper tooth roots that extended close to the sinuses.

2. Feeling Pain in the Face

If you have flu and your face hurts, you need to be alert. The facial pain is one sign of blocked and infected sinuses.

3. A lot of pressure

When you wake up early and you automatically want to close your eyes back, it can be not sleepy problem but it signs to sinus infection. It could happen because your head feels heavy and uncomfortable. The pressure on the head occurs due to a blockage in the sinus which has potentially caused a sinus infection.

4. Can’t smell the smell

If the sensitivity of your sense of smell is impaired or even lost, then your sinuses may begin to become infected.

5. Great headaches

If you feel a chronic headache in a few days, it could be that your brain is depressed or the symptom of a sinus infection has been detected.

6. Other Symptoms

In addition to the above symptoms, if you feel symptoms such as smelly breath, the unhealing cough, the blocked nose, the runny nose and other, you need to consult with doctor immediately.

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