Are you experiencing the condition of not being able to sleep? You Can Do Some Activities

It is undeniable that with the development of the times, someone is required to be more productive and work harder in every work. Infrequently these things are very consuming energy and mind until finally carried away during sleep. Maybe you’ve asked yourself why I can’t sleep even though my mind feels tired and the energy has run out. If you experience this then you need to calm your mind first by doing some activities before going to bed.

For those of you who have been feeling insecure because of busy thinking, here are some activities that you can do before going to bed.

1. Make a Fun List

When your mind is worried about work, then at night try to think of positive things that are fun, for example, vacation. Write your vacation plan in the form of a list. This plan is difficult for you to make during the day because you are too busy with work. By making a list of these fun things, your mind will be more relaxed.

2. Get Up From Bed

When you cannot sleep, you should not remain to lie on the bed. But get out of bed so that your worries and insomnia don’t get worse. If you are too forced to sleep then the brain may not feel calm and make sleep not sound. When you wake up try to do activities for about 20 minutes until your mind feels calmer.

3. Listening to Pleasant Sounds

For those of you who experience difficulty sleeping, try sound therapy. In this case, the sound in question is sounds that are fun and you like. Mellow the sound you can feel relaxed and more easily fall asleep.

4. Eat a little carbohydrate snack

Eat food or snacks in a small portion containing carbohydrates. Because the carbohydrate content can help increase the production of the hormone serotonin. That way the brain will manage to fall asleep.

Those are some activities you can practice when get in to sleeping problem. If you often experience difficulty sleeping, then try doing some activities above so you fall asleep faster.

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